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Who we are

Engaging Minds, Empowering Success

Our Story Founded in early 2019 by a young patriotic Pakistani woman Ms. Umme Muhammad who moved back from New York with a vision to foster the 130 Million Youth of Pakistan by equipping them with basic level of skills to maximize their success in life & encourage to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. The CEO & Co-Founder of Million Smiles Mr. Zeshan Afzal who also left his job in Manhattan, New York while working at the Wall Street dreaming to make a tangible difference for the 130 million Youth of Pakistan with the special focus on their development. His dream is to inculcate core set of values revolving around personal development, entrepreneurship & tech, women empowerment, experiential learning, travel, patriotism and religious harmony. We believe in global leadership potential of Pakistani youth which is why we are shaping possibilities for them. We are empowering the youth of Pakistan by exploring their talent through extensive youth development programs. Million Smiles is an ecosystem that enables Pakistan’s patriotic potential to play.