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Our Story Founded in early 2019 by a young patriotic Pakistani woman Ms. Umme Muhammad who moved back from New York with a vision to foster the 130 Million Youth of Pakistan by equipping them with basic level of skills to maximize their success in life & encourage to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. The CEO & Co-Founder of Million Smiles Mr. Zeshan Afzal who also left his job in Manhattan, New York while working at the Wall Street dreaming to make a tangible difference for the 130 million Youth of Pakistan with the special focus on their development.

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Meet Our Founders

If you can laugh together, you can work together.

Umme Muhammad 2
Umme Muhammad


I believe that youth is the backbone of any nation. If they are guided well, they can make history & nation wise. They are the future and as such, I have embarked on a journey to invest my time to unwind and tap the true potential of youth to enable them realize their dreams with a special focus on women leadership & empowerment. My message for all of the youth across the world; “I like you All, I love you All” to spread a million more smiles for everyone.

Zeshan Afzal


Youth is not the leader of tomorrow, youth is the leader of today! This is yourworld, this is your space, live it and transform it! Together we can shake the universe so that the future holds bright beautiful shining stars which will form the backbone of any nation. All the young mind like you, should always be told time and again that You can and You will” as Together Towards Tomorrow in a journey of spreading million more smiles for everyone.

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Umme Muhammad
Umm E Muhammad


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M. Asif Shahzad

Director, Million Smiles